South of Johnston was created in 2012 by Stuart Mckenzie in the back streets of Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria. After the success of his first café Mart130 in Middle Park, he decided to create a space closer to his home in Fitzroy and stumbled upon the empty warehouse space and set about creating Sojo located at 46 Oxford St Collingwood.

With its soaring 5 metre ceilings, large internal and external courtyards and industrial vibe, the space was perfect for his needs. With an emphasis on community and hospitality, the café became an art laden local hub with works on walls being collected from local galleries and artists, lush herb gardens and orchards grown for the neighbours to utilise and areas for those with dogs to dine in. Quality and generosity are important at South of Johnston.

Sojo serves well priced food and beverages that use local products as much as possible. Many of the suppliers are smaller boutique companies selling free range meats, wines, mineral waters, fruit and vegetables, bread, cakes & biscuits and more. Believing wholeheartedly in sustainability, the cafe installed 40 solar panels on the roof in 2015 that generate 60% of electricity. Sojo also is involved in intensive recycling schemes, free trade coffee, recycled papers and plastics and ongoing community assistance and engagement donating to Peacemeals, the lord mayors fund and local schools to name a few.

With a background of 35 years in hospitality, Stuart placed an emphasis on making the space comfortable and stylish while being well considered and enabling everyone that walks through the doors to feel comfortable and relaxed. South of Johnston also creates bespoke functions for a variety of events and our friendly and competent staff are here to make your experience and fantastic as possible.